[Identity System Development]

The goal of this project was to organize a world’s fair in the year 2023.I took this opportunity to ponder on about what it means to exist as an individual and a fragment of a community. 

Umwelt is the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.

The Process:

For my initial research, I developed a questionnaire and gathered information responding to the categories: theme, identity, exhibits, impact, and legacy.

In the spirit of open access and widespread exchange of information,
I chose to develop an online festival.

I started out with illustrating some of the themes I wanted to express within the context of my own hometown. 

This lead to an informative book expressing the identity of the festival, motion graphics, a social media presence and an application to imagine new spaces and traverse the platform.

Tanvi Sharma _ GD Portfolio 2019.jpg

style guide


The Product:

The festival further hosts 3 events, each with their unique point of access in both the digital and physical sphere. 

poster 1 2.png

Tickets & posters were developed to serve as entry points to the events.