Design Detritus is a design manifesto belonging to a larger collection of 12 publications by individual designer/authors.

manifesto template 2.png

The Project:

The task was to come up with a flexible design system for a publication. The designers would then interpret the system to fit their personal design manifestos. 

Typesetting and publishing the copy, allowed me to explore how philosophy and design interact with each other when exercised in a broader set. 

The production turn around was just a week, and we decided the quickest and most efficient way of producing a coherent set would be to print our signatures individually and bind them together with a belly band.

To ensure consistency in the union, we established a set of formal rules that each individual promised to abide by.


The Process:

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Example: Rules for the publication.


The imagery featured in the manifesto is a result of experimental explorations of comparing design elements such as points, lines, planes and texture to the human body.

Example: A collection of unique skin formations brought together to highlight their formal elements.


The Design:

Keeping in line with the aesthetics of the publication, the type and color choices were made to reflect the content.

type settings.png
color settings.png

The Product:

20190408_5312 portfolio.png
20190408_5318 (1).png