[Identity Branding]

Daedalus Identity Branding

On being assigned to develop a brand identity for a fictional character, I chose to pursue the greek inventor Daedalus and his extraordinary story. 


Daedalus stood out from the crowds, due to his many characteristics.

His first most defining trait is his intelligence. He is known for his intellect, innovative mind, and knowledge on architecture and sculptures.  An inventor, he is gifted in terms of intelligence, he shows courage through decision making and creative problem solving. 

It is fair to proclaim that the contemporary Daedalus would be strongly passionate about an aesthetic infused with both modern technology with greek sculpture.

This project seeks to brand the contemporary Daedalus, exploring virtual and temporal reality with juxtaposition to the solidity of stone.

Monogram Ideation

Monogram Ideation

both logos.png

final monogram development

The final monogram was selected and altered to fit the identity of the character.

Group 1.jpg

Social Media Identity

Hosted on https://www.are.na, the social media identity encapsulates what the character’s own design and ideation process might look like.

Scene 1.png
Scene 2.png
Scene 1.jpg

Final Deliverables

book cover.png